Peserta Android Developer Course

Foto bersama peserta Android Developer Course. Event ini terbilang jarang ditemui di Makassar. selain karena materinya yang berat gurunya pun sulit ditemukan. Alhamdulillah bang Rully – developer aplikasi android dari Jakarta menyediakan waktunya ke Makassar.

Peserta Android Developer Course

25 peserta yang dijaring dari 120 ide yang masuk diajarkan materi dasar sampai tingkat lanjut. Materi tersebut adalah :

Beginner Level; (2 sessions)
1.    What is Android
2.    Features, System Architecture, Life Cycle Application
3.    Getting Started, Requirement Development (ECLIPSE, AVD, ADT, SDK)
4.    Create First App (HelloWorld), File Project Structure
5.    Create *.apk Installer File Project, Install (command shell)
6.    Simple ListView (Object Android XML),  Simple Activity, Intent

Intermediate Level ; (3 sessions)
1.    Customize ListView, Thread, Sync Method – ProgressBar
2.    ImageLoader ListView, Simple HTTP Connection
3.    Menu, Create Dialog, Icon, Click Listener, get default R icon
4.    Simple TabWidget, get content URI list embed, admobView
5.    Phone Sim Card Activity, Simple Database SQL Lite
6.    WebView, AutoCompleteTextView, CheckBoxView, GalleryView (Object View)
7.    Customize Database SQL Lite, RSS Parsing, Simple MusicPlayer
8.    SharedPreferences, Simple JSON, using API google
9.    Audio, Video, Camera Photo, Access Devices, Streaming data content.
Advanced Level; (2 sessions)
1.    SMS, Receive SMS, EMAIL  other Phone Activities
2.    Customize Database SQL Lite, SharedPreferences
3.    Access Device (Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS), VideoView
4.    Project Advanced MapActivities, GPS access/ LBS
5.    Project Advanced, Mobile News RSS Reader
6.    Project Advanced, Translator Powered by Google
7.    Project Advanced, Facebook Connect API integrated
8.    Project Advanced Membership – Client Server Side, Transaction Case
9.    Customize Request by User Project Case

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